How do you close Gmail account when someone dies? Best funeral homes offer digital legacy services


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Request Google Account closure for the Deceased (including Gmail).

Closing a Google account will affect all products associated with that account including, but not limited to, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google+, Google Pay and the Google Play Store.

Therefore it is necessary to only submit one Google account closure request to your Digital Passing cart.

Deceased's previously purchases of media, apps etc. are not available or transferable from Google accounts once they are closed.

Note1: Most companies require you to obtain a court order as part of their process to retrieve messages and/or files etc. and in many cases retrieval must be completed before the account is closed, as they are deleted at time of closure. If wish to pursue a court order and retrieve Deceased's files or photos from Google Drive, Google Photo etc. please contact us by email at for a quotation for this additional service, as it varies by location of Deceased.

Note2: If there is currently a remaining Google credit balance, you won't have access to use the funds, once the account is closed.