How does it work?

1. Place your service request on this website

This website is where you will submit and pay for your service request, such as a request to search and close websites.


Once your service request has been submitted, at checkout, you will be redirected to a secure page (and emailed a secure link to that page) to commence service.

 2. Service Commencement

On the secure page, you will provide the initial information so we can begin service. 

On this secure form, we will ask you:

  • Your contact email address
  • The name of the Deceased and the date of their passing.
    • This allows us to create a project file, for your service request.
  • How you would like to submit more detailed information about the Deceased and the authorization signature to Digital Passing, the options being:
    • online, using another secure link provided on the submit confirmation screen, and also sent to you by email
    • by email correspondence, to your contact email address
    • by postal mail, to an address provided by you at this time 

3. Delivery of Service

Once the detailed information and authorization has been provided, Digital Passing's team with its secure internal tools, will complete the requested service.

The process typically is completed within 10 days of return of detailed information.