Who we are

Carla Allen, an Operations Executive in the 90s, and stay-at-home mother of three beautiful daughters in recent years, was deeply touched in hearing the story of a friend's teenage daughter.

She, had lost a college friend and struggled for a very long time with the constant reminder of her loss by social media notifications and suggestions. When Carla considered it further, it became apparent the issue was much broader, spreading to online payment accounts, recurring monthly subscription billing charges, identity theft and so on. 




John Allen, is the Chief Executive Officer of FluoroFinder, LLC, a medical research experiment design tool, used in over 1000 cancer research facilities worldwide.

Originally a software developer himself, John designed and oversaw the development of the Digital Passing Platform in three parts: (i) the ordering platform, visible here, for families and professionals to submit search and closure requests, (ii) a secure back-end platform allowing families to submit sensitive information pertaining to the Deceased, and (iii) the automated technology to support Carla's operations to deliver on the search and close requests.


We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us to handle this difficult, but extremely vital undertaking in the Deceased's passing, in looking after their digital legacy.