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Choosing a Funeral Dress or Funeral Clothing

How to choose a funeral dress
How to dress for a funeral Not everyone has an item of clothing in their current closet that would be appropriate as a funeral dress. Choosing the ...

A look at the 50 best country funeral songs

A look at the 50 best country funeral songs
Choosing the right music for a funeral can seem overwhelming in the midst of dealing with grief so we have created some resources for you: Tips ...

How to write the best obituary and eulogy

How to Write the Best Obituary or Write the Best Eulogy
It can be an overwhelming and an extremely emotional experience to write an obituary or a eulogy for a loved one, colleague, or friend. Approachin...

A look at the best funeral songs and hymns

How to pick the best funeral songs. Article on how to select the right usic for your funeral service.
Choosing the Right Music sinafor A Funeral Can Seem Overwhelming in The Midst of Dealing with Grief so we have created some resources for you:   ...

Best Funeral Resources that we have found

We're tying to build a collection of the best funeral resources
As we are newcomers to the death care industry, we find ourselves doing a lot of research and are coming across some great resources we felt would ...

The Funeral Home perspective

Why do the best funeral homes offer digital legacy services and why is important they help families search for, delete or memorialize accounts such as facebook
Why do the best funeral homes offer digital legacy services? With people having more online accounts and assets than ever, there’s growing urgency ...

Why Cancel Online Accounts for Loved Ones?

Stealing a dead persons identity for financial gain is an increasing issue
Digital Legacy in the afterlife When someone dies, friends and family shoulder the enormous responsibility of graciously closing out aspects of the...

Ghosting the Afterlife: Fake Digital Identities

Ghosting dead peoples accounts is the a form of identity theft where their online legacy and reputation can be tarnished
So much of our lives are documented and preserved online these days. It is our digital legacy. Social media accounts help us stay connected, but they also make us vulnerable to identity theft, particularly after a person has passed.